Excel How to Auto Backup Sheet

“Settings” utilities » Backup
In the Excel menu choose: DOSE EDITING » Settings » Backup

  • Save time by backup your Excel files automatically by choosing one of the 3 options.
  • Always backup excel files when opened (every time you open excel file it will be backup with same name adding current date and time and will be saved in the location you specify in backup destination.
  • If  'Backup Destination' is blank then backup will occur in the same location of your Excel workbook that you are backup it.
  • Backup only this excel file now for one time (when choosing this option it will save your current excel file as backup for one time only).
  • Off (will not take any backup for any excel files).
  • The excel file backup with a unique name automatically (File name + date and time), so no need to rename each backup individually.
Once you open your Excel file, it will be backup to the destination you specify in 'Backup Destination' as in the below image:
Excel backup

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