Smart Auto Typer and Talker

Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste - Automate Your Typing, Speaking, Paste and Make Your Life easier.
The software is described below, check the below screenshot of the auto typer talker and paste main screen:.
Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste
If you ever want to create a video to upload to YouTube but lazy to speak or you do not want your voice to be recorded on video, then the feature (Typer or Talker) will fit your needs. Just give it your phrases and this utility will speak them automatically when you click the shortcut you assign to it. The voice is a female robot.

User friendly, you just set your phrase and assign a shortcut or hot-key and then set the action you want (Typer, Talker, and Paste) and start using the tool. Auto fill forms or windows that require fixed values to be set frequently by using the feature (Paste), this can save time and effort for data-entry users.

See how Smart Auto Typer Talker and Paste saves your time
Smart auto Typer Talker and Paste
Press on 'Add' button to add more text with assigned hot keys as shown in the below image:
Smart auto Typer Talker and Paste
  • Functions:

  • Shortcut Key:
Specify the hotkey (CTRL or Shift or Alt, or a combination between them).

  • Shortcut:
Set the key to be used with hotkey (ex: A, B, C, F1, F2, etc...).

  • Action:
Tell the utility what you want to do with your phrases (Type or Speak or Paste).

  • Comments:
This is used just for you to distinguish between your phrases.

  • Text:
This is the text that will be auto typed or spoke or paste.

  • Time Delay:
Normal time interval is 50 for auto typer but you modify it to speed typing or slow it, Normal time interval for auto talker is 0, while normal time interval for auto paste is disabled.

  • Type Case:
This is used in case you are lazy to convert your phrases to capital or small letters or as title case then this feature will do it on behalf of you, it will type or paste your phrases as you want.


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